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“Where efficiency meets productivity”

GrowGreen fertilizer’s proprietary manufacturing process has formulated a highly efficient macro and micro nutrient delivery system.’

GrowGreen fertilizer efficiently provides 100% available macro nutrients that allows clients to have superior control over when and how their fertilizer is delivered.

GrowGreen products are easily integrated and cost effective.

Results coupled with cost savings have challenged producers to think about their current fertilizer efficiencies both on the ground and the bottom line.

GrowGreen Fertilizer Products

GrowGreen has developed a range of products suitable for any application or nutrient requirement. They are the result of 20 years of research and development aimed at enhancing fertilizer efficiency. Each product has its individual benefits and allow maximal customization.

Global Presence

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Drought Tolerance

GrowGreen’s proprietary manufacturing process allows for a wide range of L- form amino acids critical to plant health. This direct injection of these nutrients boosts plant health allowing plants to deal with water shortages better.


Non Leaching Technology

GrowGreen’s non leaching technology and efficiency allows reduction or replacement of conventional N. This reduces the footprint of Nitrogen runoff and adverse environmental impacts.

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